Lisa Espinoza Johnson has four boys – 16, 12, 10 and 41. She’s been married to the 41-year-old for 20 years. A little over two years ago (and eight years post-vasectomy) they were blessed with a wonderful surprise---a baby girl who has become the consummate diva in a houseful of men.

Lisa recently went back to school and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She has done much research in the area of learning styles and differences, such as attention deficits, and how they affect a child’s educational experience.

As far as addictions go---chocolate, iced vanilla lattes and books must be accessible at all times. Lisa treasures her family memory albums---pity the person who gets in her way when she makes a 9 PM run to the store for acid-free tape. She LOVES going out to eat with the family, or just going out to eat. Paradise is getting away alone with Chip (the 41-year-old), family vacations almost anywhere, coffee with a friend or curling up with a book and coffee. Oh, also, seeing the clothes hamper completely empty. She’ll let you know when that happens.

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